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  • Президент:Andrzej Duda
  • Премьер-министр:Beata SzydÅ‚o
  • Столица:Warsaw
  • Языки:Polish (official) 98.2%, Silesian 1.4%, other 1.1%, unspecified 1.3% note: data represents the language spoken at home; shares sum to more than 100% because some respondents gave more than one answer on the census; Poland ratified the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2009 recognizing Kashub as a regional language, Czech, Hebrew, Yiddish, Belarusian, Lithuanian, German, Armenian, Russian, Slovak, and Ukrainian as national minority languages, and Karaim, Lemko, Romani (Polska Roma and Bergitka Roma), and Tatar as ethnic minority languages (2011 est.)
  • Правительство
  • Статистическое агентство
  • Население:37 999 494 (2015)
  • Площадь:306 210 (2015)
  • ВВП на душу населения:12 494 (2015)
  • GDP, billion current US$:474,8 (2015)
  • Индекс Джини:32,08 (2014)
  • Рейтинг Ease of Doing Business:24 (2017)