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The theme of International Day of Forests in 2017 will be "Forests and Energy" as decided by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (pdf).

Recently a UNECE/FAO video on the topic of wood energy efficiency was released. In the video efficient heating technologies, combustion, pyrolysis, thermal insulation, wood storage as well as aspects of consumer health and behaviour related to wood use are visualised and explained in an easy to understand manner.


Event Holder: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Source of data: Global Forest Resources Database, 2015Forestry / Forestry Trade Flows, 1997 - 2013World Development Indicators (WDI), July 2016World Energy Trilemma Index, 2015

Download our latest ENERGY cheat sheet Download

Download our latest ENERGY cheat sheet

It's a one pager PDF full of live links to energy-related data, statistics, and dashboards from leading industry sources. It will be a useful resource for any analyst, business executive, or researcher with an interest in the oil & gas industry, energy companies, biofuels and much more.

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