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1976, Zaire. The first recognition of Ebola occurred in Yambuku and surrounding area. Disease was spread by close personal contact and by use of contaminated needles and syringes in hospitals/clinics. Cases: 318. Deaths: 280.

1995, Zaire. The outbreak occurred in Kikwit and surrounding area. Traced to index case-patient who worked in the forest adjoining the city. The epidemic spread through families and hospitals. Cases: 315. Deaths: 250.

2000-2001, Uganda. Occurred in Gulu, Masindi, and Mbarara districts of Uganda. The three most important risks associated with Ebola virus infection were attending funerals of Ebola hemorrhagic fever case-patients, having contact with case-patients in one's family, and providing medical care to Ebola case-patients without using adequate personal protective measures. Cases: 425. Deaths: 224.

2007, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Outbreak occurred in Kasai Occidental Province. The outbreak was declared over November 20. Last confirmed case on October 4 and last death on October 10. Cases: 264. Deaths: 187.

December 2007-January 2008, Uganda. Outbreak occurred in Bundibugyo District in western Uganda. First reported occurrence of a new strain. Cases: 149. Deaths: 37.

March 2014-Present, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone. Outbreak across multiple countries in West Africa. Number of patients is constantly evolving due to the ongoing investigation. Cases: 28616. Deaths: 11310. (As of April, 2016)

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