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Between 2015 and 2100 the top 5 most populous countries worldwide is expected to remain fixed, according to data from the UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs.

  • Monaco, with a total population of nearly 38,000 in 2015, is currently the world's most densely populated country at 25,332 people per square kilometer (sq km), a figure expected to grow to roughly 37,000 per sq km by 2100. 
  • The only new entrants to the top 10 list of most populous countries through 2100 are the State of Palestine, Burundi, and the island country of Mayotte.

Africa's anticipated population boom will shake up the top 20 and move Nigeria - the continent's most populous country - up from the 65th to 21st most densely populated country worldwide. Other African countries, however, will surpass Nigeria by population density, including Burundi, Comoros, Malta, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi, and Gambia.

In contrast, spacious countries in different stages of their demographic transitions will move around in the rankings but remain well within the crowd of the lower population density countries. By 2100, the population density of the United States is expected to increase slightly from 173rd to 170th place - an increase of about 14 people per sq km - while in Russia the population density is expected to decrease slightly moving it from 212th to 217th position, or a decrease of about 1.6 people per sq km.

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