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World Federation of Exchanges

Established in 1961, the WFE is the global industry association for exchanges and clearing houses. The WFE is the definitive source for exchange-traded statistics, and publishes over 350 market data indicators. Its statistics database stretches back more than 40 years, and provides information and insight into developments on global exchanges.

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    • Сентябрь 2019
      Источник: World Federation of Exchanges
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 15 сентября, 2019
      Data cited at:  World Federation of Exchanges Statistics   The market capitalization of a stock exchange is the total number of issued shares of domestic companies, including their multiple classes, multiplied by their respective prices at a given time. This figure reflects the comprehensive value of the market at that time. The market capitalization figures include: - shares of domestic companies; - shares of foreign companies which are exclusively listed on an exchange, ie the foreign company is not quoted on any other exchange; - common and preferred shares of domestic companies; - shares without voting rights. The market capitalization figures exclude: - collective investment funds; - rights, warrants, ETFs, convertible instruments; - options, futures;- foreign listed shares other than exclusively listed ones; companies whose only business is to hold shares of other companies;