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USA Trade Online

Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, USA Trade Online is a dynamic data tool that gives users access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import data. With multiple data sets and capabilities, USA Trade Online can assist different types of customers from a wide range of industries and fields.

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    • Октябрь 2019
      Источник: USA Trade Online
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 07 октября, 2019
       U.S. trade, at district level, of Iron and Steel:   Total Exports: -The sum of domestic and foreign exports. Domestic Exports: -Exports of goods that are grown, produced, or manufactured in the United States and commodities of foreign origin that have been changed in the United States, including changes made in a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone, from the form in which they were imported, or which have been enhanced in value by further processing or manufacturing in the United States. Foreign Exports: -Exports of foreign goods (re-exports) consist of commodities of foreign origin that have previously been admitted to U.S. Foreign Trade Zones or entered the United States for consumption, including entry into a CBP bonded warehouse, and which, at the time of exportation, are in substantially the same condition as when imported.   Note: Data is available from 2013 onward.
    • Август 2019
      Источник: USA Trade Online
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 06 августа, 2019
      US Trade By Commodity (HS), All commodities from chapter 73 Note:- For commodity "7323930080 - Household Articles, Stainless Steel, Nesoi & Parts" unit is different  for exports and imports. The unit for exports and Imports are Kilogram and Number respectively.For commodity "7319901000 - Sewing, Darning Or Embroidery Needles, Iron Or Stl" we have data only for imports and unit is thousand and for Export Quantity Unit is "X".If a commodity has unit as “X” and "Blank" then there is no quantity data provided for the commodity. This happens when U.S. government does not want to disclose the quantity to the Exporter or Importer. Since there is no quantity available,unit price calculations can not be provided.  

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