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Texas Health and Human Services

From the headquarters in Austin to eligibility offices in the Rio Grande Valley to laboratories in the Panhandle, Health and Human Services employees are there to respond to the needs of Texans. The professionals that staff health and human services agencies across the state are ready and willing to assist people who need services, contractors who provide them and anyone with questions about the services we provide. While the headquarters offices are located in Austin, there are offices across the state that serve Texans

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    • Февраль 2017
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      Fee for Service and Managed Care client counts are not additive, as clients may appear in more than one category and/or in more than one year. Data sources: AHQP Claims Universe, TMHP; Encounters Best Picture Universe, TMHP. Prepared by: Data Quality and Dissemination, Center for Analytics and Decision Support, HHSC, February 2017 (lk).