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Veraart Research Group is a specialist supplier of management information on consumer markets, especially retail which supplies managers with up-to-date key information on retail markets and supports them in their international expansion. The roots of the company lead back to 1964 when it started as a market research and marketing consulting company for consumer products and services. In 1989 it started publishing written reports on various retail sectors in Europe. Since 2005 it publishes its information on retailers and food service operators through its online databases Retail-Index and Foodservice-Index.

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    • Август 2017
      Источник: Retail-Index
      Загружен: Alexey Lopatin
      Дата обращения к источнику: 14 августа, 2017
      Numbers of retailers (national head offices) in the online database "Retail-Index". The Retail-Index database contains data on the latest number of national and international retailers (chains) having minimal 5 stores or minimal €3 mln turnover in all major retail-sectors: food, fashion, consumer electronics, DIY & gardening and 14 other retail sectors. The total database contains over 8900 retail chains. Retail operations with several different formats and banners in one country are counted as one retailer. Some retailers are active in several sectors in which case there is some duplication in the numbers. The same goes for retailers active in several countries.