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Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) was established in 2007, from the then Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, following the cabinet decision taken on 15th April, 2007. It has the overall responsibility of the development, managing, and regulating water and Environment resources in Uganda. ROLES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE MWE Developing legislations, policies and standards for management of water and environment resources Providing sustainable safe water supply and sanitation facilities in rural areas Providing viable water supply and sewerage/sanitation systems for domestic, industrial and commercial use in urban areas Provision of water for production for use in agriculture , rural industries , tourism and other uses Coordinating the national development for Water for Production (agriculture, industry, aquaculture, tourism, trade) Promotion of integrated and sustainable water resource management Providing effective planning, coordination and management mechanisms for water and sanitation sector Providing sound and sustainable management of environment for optimum and social and economic benefits for the present and future generations Promotion of effective management of forests and trees to yield increases in economic, social and environment benefits for the current and future generation , especially the poor and vulnerable Receiving, transmitting and processing all weather data from stations nationwide and to international centres

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      Uganda Regional Environment Statistics covers Land and Water