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Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation gives considerable importance to coverage and quality aspects of statistics released in the country. The statistics released are based on administrative sources, surveys and censuses conducted by the Center and State Governments and non-official sources and studies. The surveys are designed by using scientific sampling methods. Field data are collected through dedicated field staff. The methodological issues concerning the compilation of national accounts and other statistics are overseen by the Advisory Committee on National Accounts, Standing Committee on Industrial Statistics and Technical Advisory Committee on Price Indices. The Ministry compiles data sets based on current data, after applying standard statistical techniques and extensive scrutiny.

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    • Сентябрь 2019
      Источник: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 13 сентября, 2019
      This is the New Series of Consumer Price Index for Rural & Urban with base year 2012. Published by Central Statistical Office and released on 12th of every month. It covers (1) All India Consumer Price Index (Rural/Urban) (2) State Level Consumer Price Index (Rural/Urban) Up to October 2016