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Research Institute of the Finnish Economy

ETLA, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, is the leading private economic research organisation in Finland. Established in 1946, ETLA has throughout its existence been quick to apply new methods and approaches to shed light on current economic issues. From early on, ETLA has charted the effect of education and research on productivity and growth. In the 1990’s ETLA contributed significantly to the revamping of Finland’s industrial policy on the basis of identified industrial clusters. More recently, ETLA has analysed factors that foster innovation and facilitate adoption of new technology, and thereby promote the development of a knowledge economy.

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    • Март 2016
      Источник: Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 04 июля, 2016
      ETLA’s forecasts for international and domestic economy. A summary in English is published separately at the time of Suhdanne’s publication. 1. Changes in inventories: Contribution to GDP growth, percentage points, incl. statistical error. 2. Balance of resources value (€ Billion) for 2015 is in 2010 prices.