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Coin Metrics

Coinmetrics is a free and open source software project, presenting data through our convenient website portal. More generally, Coinmetrics plan is to equip serious investors with the tools to appraise cryptoassets in a rigorous, careful manner. Fundamental measures of valuation can be extracted from the trove of data available today, and peer group comparisons will spotlight undervalued assets. Efficient markets mean efficient allocation of capital, and that is an end we intend to pursue. Coinmetrics hope that the metrics and analysis can assist users in understanding of these markets.

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    • Июнь 2019
      Источник: Coin Metrics
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 27 июня, 2019
      Coin Metrics Cryptocurrency data consists of transaction count, on-chain transaction volume, value of created coins, price, market cap, and exchange volume data.   txCount refers to the number of transactions happening on the public blockchain a day. txVolume(USD) is the on-chain transaction volume, a broad and largely unadjusted measure of the total value of outputs on the blockchain, on a given day. marketcap(USD) is the unit price multiplied by the number of units in circulation. exchangevolume(USD) is the dollar value of the volume at exchanges, like GDAX and Bitfinex, sourced from Coinmarketcap. generatedCoins refers to the number of new coins that have been brought into existence on that day. Fees in are based on the native currency, not USD.   Additional data and variables descriptions: https://coinmetrics.io/on-data-and-certainty/