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Central Bureau of Statistics, DPR Korea

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) was founded in 1952 under the State Planning Commission of North Korea, but the relationship between these two organizations today is not known. CBS held the first North Korean census in 1989. Before that, the most up-to-date population figures were available from 1963. Usually, statistical affairs in North Korea are ran by the Bureau, but some statistics such as those pertaining to the total population and mortality, are done by a separate organization called the Population Division, which was founded in 1993 in time for the 1993 census.Before the census, the CBS tallied the population based on numbers in the "population registration system" maintained by local administrative levels. The newest North Korean census in 2008 was carried out by the CBS, and the next one is scheduled for 2018. It also makes statistics about the country's energy.

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