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Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong

The Census and Statistics Department is conscious of the need to take a close look at its position in the government and in society. It is important to make known the functions of the department in a positive manner to users of its services, including government departments, legislators, the mass media, analysts and researchers, the business community, the general public and foreign and international organisations. To convey more effectively the department's image and identity, a departmental logo was launched in May 1996. The logo serves as a corporate symbol of the department in communication with data users, survey respondents and the general public, so that the department can be immediately recognised.

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    • Декабрь 2018
      Источник: Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong
      Загружен: Knoema
      Дата обращения к источнику: 01 февраля, 2019
      Hong Kong : Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity - In chained (2016) dollars > Accommodation services cover hotels, guesthouses, boarding houses and other establishments providing short term accommodation.
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