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Ali Research Institute

Ali Research Institute: Think Tank Platform in DT Times With the rapid alternation of industrial civilization and information civilization, globalization trends are interwoven with the echo of localization. After the first decade of 21 century, the IT times is rapidly switching to DT times for human beings. A large-scale commercial innovation driven by new technologies, management innovation and system innovation intrigued by commercial innovation display unprecedented and boundless potentiality globally. A golden era of DT times emerges in front of us. This is also a golden age of new economy and new management researchers. Recently, based on Internet and utilization of Internet-enabled approaches and tools, researches on new phenomena and rules of social economy brought about by Internet and big data have gained more and more exploration and practices in academic circles. Currently, an increasing number of excellent scholars and think tanks are creatively investigating the great change the times, global world, countries, industries, enterprises and individuals are confronted with through large-scale social collaboration with online merchants, service providers, platforms and users and so on. Ali Research Institute, established in April, 2007, is exactly an participant and promoter of this trend.

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