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Brazilian Association of Supermarkets

The Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (ABRAS) represents the domestic supermarket industry, defending, integrating, and driving self-service in the country. Created on November 11, 1968, the entity created a broad network of relationships with society, with government agencies and various national and international institutions. ABRAS networked, in a participatory manner, with the 27 State Associations of Affiliate Supermarkets, always focusing on the evolution of the stores; in stimulating healthy exchange with suppliers; in addition to the effort aimed at better customer service and the evolution of the consumer market in Brazil. The national entity, based in São Paulo (SP) and office in Brasília (DF), represents the self-service sector in Brazil, which accounts for more than 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Country and generates more than 1, 8 million direct jobs. Currently, the entity is headed by João Sanzovo Neto, shareholder of the Jaú Serve network, in the interior of São Paulo.

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    • Ноябрь 2019
      Источник: Brazilian Association of Supermarkets
      Загружен: Shakthi Krishnan
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      Monthly database of Supermarket sales index from Brazilian Supermarket Association (Abras) 1. ABRAS stand for Brazilian Association of Supermarkets 2. The National Index of ABRAS Sales involves about 130 companies of supermarkets around the country, which, make up a universe of more than 2,800 stores, representing approximately 60% of total sales in the sector. The ABRAS National Sales Index is a monthly survey on the performance of the supermarket sector sales which enables the calculation and analysis of industry sales. It considers the nominal and actual comparisons of the current month compared to the previous month; the current month compared to the same month last year and the changes accumulated in the year.

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