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Constantly increasing globalization and integration of the world, often emphasized in the modern times, is carried out mostly through merchandise trade. Nowadays, wide variety of goods are involved in merchandise trade, but traditional ones, such as fuels, mining products, machinery and transport still remain most tradable. International trade of services, including transport, tourism and financial services, is also gaining momentum headed by the US as the world leader in exports and imports of services. The data on these and other indicators covering the framework of foreign trade is presented in the below datasets and visualizations.

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Export Concentration Index: A Measure of Economic Vulnerability

The concentration index of exports estimates a country’s reliance on a limited group of commodities as its primary source of foreign exchange income. Ranging from 0 (perfect diversification) to 1 (concentrated on a single product)*, a comparison of index scores to the contribution of natural resources to GDP worldwide shows that countries which are resource-rich tend to have less diversified export bases.Last year Iraq’s export concentration index reached 0.97, driven by its export concentration in mineral fuels, namely oil. Other oil exporters—including Angola, Iran, Kuwait, and Nigeria, among others—likewise have high concentration scores....

Export Profile

Dashboard covers major exports by countries. The section provides statistics on the most exported groups of products: both agricultural and non-agricultural (mainly mining and manufactured products). According to World Trade Organization data, world exports of manufacturers has grown significantly from 1980 to 2013, by almost 10 times. Detailed trade statistics is provided below for transport (including mode of transport), travel, and other commercial services and goods-related services. The volume of world export of government services rose by $47.2 Billion, from 28.6 in 1980 to $75.8 in 2013.  The biggest drop in export over the past 20...

World Commodity Trade Ranking Data and Charts

World Commodity Trade ranking profile contains import and export statistics by country for both merchandise and services trade. Based on World Trade Organization statistical data, in 2015, China was world major exporter of goods and services, the second place at this rating took the US. Export's volume of this countries was $2,274 Billion for China and $1,505 Billion for the US respectively. China was also the largest imports economy in the world after the US. Data shows that trade experienced fairly strong growth from 1995 to 2001, followed by a boom from 2002 to 2008 accompanied by rising commodity prices. Following the financial crisis...

World Services Trade Ranking Data and Charts

World Trade RankingsWorld Commodity Trade Ranking | World Services Trade Ranking Country Export ProfilesChina | India | Canada | USA | Russia | Germany | Japan | France | UK | EU-27 | South Korea | Ghana | Pakistan | Brazil | Uganda Country Import ProfilesChina | India | Canada | USA | Russia | Germany | Japan | France | UK | EU-27 | South Korea | Ghana | Pakistan | Brazil | Uganda Commodity Trade ProfilesAgricultural Products | Fuels | Iron and Steel | Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals | Machinery and Equipment | Textile | Clothing Sources: Foreign Trade